Independent artist Voycheck are pleased to announce the release of their official music video for "Behemoth", the forthcoming single from their debut full length "#FuckingProfessional". To view the clip, enter the password: voycheck


The song was written over the course of one practice, almost as if the band was channeling the energy of the time, and quickly became a band favorite, with them immediate adding it to their setlist for a show the following week. The concept for the song is a protest anthem of sorts and fits within the theme of #FuckingProfessional as a call to action. "The video conveys the energy of an organized, but hastily assembled rally," drummer Jeremy Anderson said. "The band and song supply the message, but the people bring the power."


"Behemoth" was directed and co-produced by Chas Roberts, who also directed their prior music video for "Segunda Vida" (the original “This Ain’t No Joy-Joy” version). Roberts, who is an accomplished commercial artist, was assisted in the producing by drummer Jeremy Anderson, a creative professional as well. They were aided by Seattle based production company Color Creative. The Director of Photography was Nick Davis with additional shooting by Jackson Portwood (of the band Dry T-Shirt Contest).


Behemoth will be released publicly on April 10 via their website, Facebook and YouTube pages.