One of the Pacific Northwest’s most incendiary bands, Voycheck, is releasing a music video for their brand new single Grenada on Friday May 10 at 9am Pacific Time. This song will be the A Side to their 7inch record due out independently this September. The video will be viewable at their website, YouTube page, and Facebook page. (For a sneak peek, visit here and enter the password __________)


Grenada was recorded at Titan Recording Studio in Shoreline, Washington and was engineered and coproduced by Scot Michael. It features guest backing vocals by Scot as well as Iris Chamberlain (Spit in the Well, Kaala). 


The video also serves as a document of their time recording the song and features a frantic, desperate style reminiscent of a home VHS edit. “The lyrics speak to the gravity of our passions and the light that burns within. Over time, that light fades and we need to seek new outlets to orbit or to use to restrike that fire,” vocalist and director Chas Roberts explains, “I decided to create a look that took me back to when I would create videos for performance art projects using two VCRs and a camcorder...mess something up and you have to start all over. Talk about burning out!”


This is the first single released by Voycheck since 2017’s #FuckingProfessional


Voycheck is

Jake Reisenbichler - bass

Jeremy Anderson - drums

Jimmy Eager - guitar

Chas Roberts - vocals